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e-book – „We treat naturally!”

Amazing e-book for the health-conscious and beauty! What you will find in it?

– natural ways to take care of health and beauty – especially for skin and hair!

– a lot of methods to combat acne and hair loss

– You know the traditions of Hindu and Slavicflowers-366155__180

– ways to proper nutrition – in line with the tradition of Ayurveda.

Title: We treat naturally
by Monika Steltmann
number of pages: 95


Moreover – 70% of the income from sales is used to help the animals. Every month you get a report – with photos and a description of how they feel the animals, which can help.


Payment by PayPal and Skrill: send money – 10$ to address: monika1812@mailplus.pl

You can also write me an e-mail: monika1812@mailplus.pl

or you order here and help animals!

E-book and reports I will send to your e-mail!

Have a great satisfaction from helping animals and explore the Slavic and Hindu secrets of beauty care and health!

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