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Cute Animals (74)

You can help and learning of Italian and Spanish! How?

Cruelty to animals is a largely hidden problem that most people never see. Yet, every day thousands of unwanted and unloved dogs and cats are deposited on the steps of overworked and underfunded animal shelters throughout the country.

The animals these shelters try to assist were often previously abused or come to the shelter injured, sick, or traumatized. If I were to show you pictures of them, you’d be sickened by the terrible condition many of them are in when they arrive.

The volunteers at these shelters do the best that they can, but with extremely limited funds and far too many animals in need, their efforts fall short. There just isn’t enough food, enough medicine, enough people to interact with each animal, and enough time in the day.

So while the animals’ prospects are certainly improved by being in a shelter (as opposed to fending for themselves in the wild), their prospects could be a whole lot better. With your help, they will be.

These animals need more medical attention. They need food. They also need more human attention. They currently spend their entire day in a small metal box, hardly able to move about, simply because there aren’t enough volunteers to play with each animal every day and give them the life-building attention they need.

These aren’t happy animals. They’re sad, depressed, and neglected.

It’s not that the people who run the shelters don’t care. They DO care, but they just don’t have enough resources to get the job done.

You can help. You can make a huge difference. Like you, I decided to help.

I will give you access to the Italian online course with very interesting exercises! Learning pleasant, effective and satisfying.

Besides I send you Italian course – over 100 lessons in pdf books and mp3 – a few hours of recordings, only $5!

From basic to advanced. Especially for you – various topics, issues, exercises and recordings! You will learn to write, read and understand Italian texts, to communicate in Italian.

Method combines well-established research, most-useful vocabulary and a completely intuitive process to get you speaking right from the first day. Learn Italian today!

The proceeds from the sale of the course are intended to help the animals in Poland.

You will get photos of animals and a certificate, if you order extra GIG. You will get certificate „Friend of Animals” and nice gifts!

I highly recommend

HELP HERE! – from 20 of July


You can also transfer any amount to paypal: You will receive on your email interesting courses of foreign languages and photos of pets you are helping.







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